New Post at College Composition Weekly: Kimberly Drake, Genderqueering Language

In a special issue of The Writing Instructor, Drake writes about efforts at Scripps College to make language more inclusive, arguing that such efforts still reflect a false “gender binary” that erases students who do not fit into the normative categories. She argues for uses of language that refuse the binary and demand recognition of the complexities of gender. Visit and leave your thoughts on this issue!

This Week’s Post on College Composition Weekly: Meghan A. Sweeney and Maureen MvBride on the “Difficulty Paper” Assignment

Sweeney and McBride, both of the University of Nevada, Reno, suggest an assignment created by Carnegie Scholar Mariolina Salvatori, the “difficulty paper,” to understand how students understand the relationship between the reading and writing they are asked to do in college. They posit that the instruction they get in their process writing classrooms interferes with their ability to navigate complex reading tasks. See

New Post on College Composition Weekly: Ben Kuebrich in June CCC on community organizing for social change in Syracuse.

Kuebrich argues that collective action is necessary to disrupt entrenched power. He draws on James C. Scott’s Domination and the Arts of Resistance to examine the intersection between the “public” and “hidden transcripts” in as a community addresses tensions with police.

New Post on College Composition Weekly: Shannon Walters from RTE on working with Autism Spectrum students.

Walters encourages writing teachers to value insights from the students themselves as they encounter college writing. Share your experiences!

New Post on College Composition Weekly

Visit to read summaries of research on the teaching of writing from major journals. Summary posted 18 June 2015:

Ortoleva, Giulia, and Mireille B├ętrancourt. “Collaborative Writing and Discussion in Vocational Education: Effects on Learning and Self-Efficacy Beliefs.” Journal of Writing Resaarch 7.1 (2015): 1-28. Web. 6 June 2015.