Min-Zhan Lu and Bruce Horner introduce a symposium on “translingualism” in the January College EnglishCollege Composition Weekly Banner. Translingualism is not just about L2 language learners; it’s the default for “the normal transactions of daily communicative practice of ordinary people.”

New Post at Just Can’t Help Writing: What is “Voice”?

“Voice” can keep me reading your book even if I balk at plot glitches. But what is “voice”? Can I define it? Can anyone? I share what “voice” in a writer’s work feels like to me!

Lightning, green field

Let me know what “voice” means to you!

BATTLE IS LOST: Welcome to “Singular They”!

A sad day for grammar purists: The Washington Post will allow “singular they”!

Puzzled writer
Can I use “they”?

Today at Just Can’t Help Writing! Build Character with Stage Business!

Make your “props” talkBOOKS SUCCESS! Every “sip of coffee” can pass on news to your readers about who your characters are and what conflicts they face!