Welcome to the Website of Virginia S. Anderson (A.K.A. V. S. Anderson), author of King of the Roses and Blood Lies.

Tophill Fargo, one of my favorite rides of all time
King of the Roses POD cover, now at Amazon
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Order Ebooks: King of the Roses and Blood Lies!

Please visit my blogs:

  • College Composition Weekly–a site where college writing professionals can read summaries of recent research from major journals and can post comments, their own summaries of articles they find compelling, and summaries of their works in progress.

  • Just Can’t Help Writing–a blog about the hard business of writing, where I share my experiences as a published novelist and my thoughts about writing and learning to write.


2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. The site looks great. You gave me one of your novels long ago, was that one of these? I think it was about Florida.


  2. No. You’ve read part of The Drowned Man (the archeologist novel) and my “Sarah” book (first of three–the second has begun to come to me). But you didn’t read these.


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