NEW AT JUST CAN’T HELP WRITING! How Much Grammar Do You Need? Part V: Rules Erudite People Break (and other erudite people notice)

Four rules I’ve seen broken in some rather surprising places. But these are the kinds of rules agents and editors are likely to notice.  Do you have candidates for this list?

At Just Can’t Help Writing: Grammar Rules You DON’T Need!

Check out my latest installment of “How Much Grammar Do You Need?” I argue that these three rules can safely be ignored. They aren’t even real “rules”!

New Post at Just Can’t Help Writing

In which I continue to make my case that we may not need as much “grammar” as we think. This post: I introduce Joseph M. Williams’s article, “The Phenomenology of Error,” in which he takes apart some of the “language mavens” for committing the very errors they warn us against. Fun!