New Post at College Composition Weekly: Karen Kopelson in College English on Career Guides for ASD Adults

Kopelson analyzes workplace guides for “high-functioning” ASD individuals, arguing that the books construct such employees as examples of “capitalist wish-fulfillment” (560), both lauding the supposed deficits that make them ideal workers and advising them to “norm” themselves in order to “adapt” and “fit in” (563-64). Kopelson argues that the guidebooks employ implicit pedagogical and rhetorical theory and methods that highlight tensions within composition studies and between composition and disability studies.

New Post at College Composition Weekly: Kimberly Drake, Genderqueering Language

In a special issue of The Writing Instructor, Drake writes about efforts at Scripps College to make language more inclusive, arguing that such efforts still reflect a false “gender binary” that erases students who do not fit into the normative categories. She argues for uses of language that refuse the binary and demand recognition of the complexities of gender. Visit and leave your thoughts on this issue!

New Post on College Composition Weekly: Ben Kuebrich in June CCC on community organizing for social change in Syracuse.

Kuebrich argues that collective action is necessary to disrupt entrenched power. He draws on James C. Scott’s Domination and the Arts of Resistance to examine the intersection between the “public” and “hidden transcripts” in as a community addresses tensions with police.