Great First Page Critique!

Writers in the Storm often supply good lessons. This is a particularly cogent first-page critiqueWoman writing that takes aim at some my worst foibles: too many metaphors, authorial intrusions, details readers don’t need, details they do need–what about you? How would you rate this first page?

MORE “DIGITAL HUMANITIES”: Finding Genre Signals

Ryan Omizo and William Hart-Davidson, in a special section of the Journal of Writing ResearchCCW banner 300, present a tool for digital text analysis that detects the differences in novice and expert academic citation practices, helping graduate students understand the genres relevant to their fields.

AT JUST CAN’T HELP WRITING: Use Parallel Structure in Writing for Voice and Style

Check out these ideas and examples for building rhythm and coherence in your writingBleu curve through the use of parallel structure to add detail.

NEW AT JUST CAN’T HELP WRITING: Overbudget on “To be”? Use “Absolutes”

Use “absolutes” to cut back on “to be” verbsscissors3 in progressive tenses, and build your voice as well.